Stoney River Wet Rooms

Contributed by: Accessibility Resource Center, Inc. (ARC)

For nearly thirty years, wet room systems have been widely accepted as standard installation practice in Europe, and the Accessibility Resource Center, Inc. (ARC) is now bringing the concept to the US.Wet Room System

The most obvious improvement compared to conventional bathroom construction is the barrier-free shower. Having a shower floor level with the surrounding floor, and the absence of any water containment dams or step-over barriers, promotes safety and allows total accessibility regardless of physical ability, handicap, or assist equipment. The shower base’s consistent, shallow pitch planes are well suited for wheel chair or shower chair use, and when outfitted with the recommended 2” or smaller tile, the floor provides exceptional ‘gripping’ qualities, improving balance and stability.

“ARC, Inc. bathing innovations give you control by eliminating obstacles that make everyday activities difficult. And their timeless solutions improve the lives of young and old at every level of ability, without compromising luxury or beauty.”

Enclosing the shower with an expansive, easy-to-operate curtain hung from a bendable rod provides generous room for any showering need, including caregiver situations and turning space for a wheelchair. And because the curtain is made of breathable material, it offers safety in the event that anyone becomes entangled in it.

The design of each bathroom maximizes available space and allows movement throughout the room. With the curtain pulled back the shower area is ready for any purpose or need—accessing the toilet, dressing, maneuvering in a wheelchair, grooming . . . . This “free space” approach to bathroom design puts functionality and flexibility at the forefront, making every square foot do double or triple duty.

Wet room systems include installation of a waterproof membrane beneath shower wall and floor tile, preventing water from seeping into wall sheathing and sub-floor materials, eliminating any chance that material degradation, mold, or mildew will occur. Even concrete, which acts like a sponge, absorbs water that seeps through grout lines or at floor to wall joints, becoming a host for mold and mildew. Wet room technology overcomes this common problem, containing water from any source—shower spray, dripping after bathing, an overflowing toilet or sink—where it evaporates or can be pushed easily to the drain.

By taking advantage of wet room technology, ARC offers leading edge safety, comfort, and ease-of-use benefits in every barrier-free shower.

“The Stoney River Wet Room system allowed us to renovate our small, cramped bathroom in to an accessible bathroom without having to take away any additional living space within our home. Now we have a bathroom that is safe for our son to use and easier for caregivers to assist him each day.”

  • Shower formers are designed for installation directly onto 16” o.c. joist systems
  • Formers are suitable for installation on wood sub-floors or on concrete
  • Off-center drain holes allow repositioning formers to avoid conflicts with joists or other obstructions
  • The perimeter of each former has a 2” wide flat rim that makes leveling easy
  • Securing a former is easy with readily available sub-floor adhesive or thin set mortar, depending on installation circumstances
  • Exceptionally strong and rigid, these shower formers have a 4,000 lb. point load capacity rating– ideal for shower seat legs, mosaic tile, pebble and river rock, wheelchairs, bariatric accommodations, etc.
  • Shower formers are available in three square sizes and six rectangular sizes
  • Shower formers are pre-pitched for consistent drainage and tile installation (unlike custom concrete profiling, which is time-consuming, expensive, and usually delivers inconsistent pitch gradients)
  • Installing a shower former on joists requires no costly and problematic joist reinforcement like traditional concrete/rubber membrane shower base systems, and it’s much faster to install

Manufacturer’s List Price: $1000 – $1,600.00 (does not include finished floor material, walls or fixtures.)
Arc First

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