Featured Product: TenderCare Beds

The TenderCare Slip-Over Headboards and Footboards restore dignity and beauty to the rooms of those who use hospital beds. The unique design requires no tools to install, and in just minutes can transform a hospital bed into a beautiful piece of furniture.

For individuals who spend a lot of their time in their home hospital beds, or for seniors in long-term care facilities, it is important to have a bed that meets their physical needs, but with TenderCare Bed’s headboards and footboards, they can have the function of a hospital bed without the stigma and unattractive appearance.

The impact of a sterile, hospital-feel in a person’s bedroom can be devastating. Especially when that person spends much of their day in bed. By adding a decorative headboard and footboard, they are able to feel at home.

One customer who purchased a headboard and footboard for her son, stated it very well when she said, “Now my dear son’s room looks like a real bedroom and not like a hospital room. I have always believed that whatever you have in your home should not only be functional, but beautiful. Your medical need for a hospital bed should not dictate your decorating style. Our TenderCare Bed is exactly what I would choose, even if he didn’t have a hospital bed. And that is the best reason to buy one. Because it is beautiful!”

“Promoting better health and wellbeing, through style
and design”

  • Slides right over an existing hospital bed, transforming it into a beautiful piece of furniture
  • Several finishes to choose from (Black, White, North Hampton, Fruitwood, Summer Flame, and more)
  • No tools required for installation – simply slide headboard and footboard onto your bed like a glove
  • Fits most home or long-term care beds
  • Manufactured in Georgia and Colorado
  • Coordinating nightstands, footchests, and wall shelves available
  • Custom designs are available for those with unique needs

Restores dignity and beauty to those who need to use a long-term hospital bed.

Manufacturer’s List Price: $495.00 (for headboard and footboard set)
Contact Accessibility Design for more information or to purchase your TenderCare Bed.

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